Why the first 9 months is the best time to capture your baby's handprints.

Why the first 9 months is the best time to capture your baby's handprints.

Did you know that in baby’s first 6 months of life they will double their birth weight, grow by about 4.5 inches in length and increase their head circumference by about 3 inches?

In fact, that’s the fastest they will ever grow!

Needless to say, their little hands and feet will also grow fast in proportion to their bodies.

That’s why the first 9 months of a baby’s life is the perfect time to capture their hand or foot with imprints that you can keep as a memento of how tiny they used to be. Keepsakes made of your baby’s prints can also make a very special memento for family, to cherish forever.

 Also, as they’re often sleeping or not quite as mobile and wriggly, it’s a great time to do this as you can gently place their hands and feet in the position you want them to. Plus the size of their prints are still small enough to make the perfect size ornaments.

To help you capture this special moment in time, we have released a handy kit with everything you need to create two gorgeous baby print ornaments in just ten minutes.

The ornaments fit handprints and footprints up to 4 inches, so it’s recommended for babies up to 9 months.

It includes air-drying clay (no baking), a circle and a heart-shaped mold, non-toxic paint, ribbons and twine, wax paper PLUS organza gifts bags to pop them in after you’re done creating your masterpiece to give to your loved ones these holidays – too easy.

Need more ornaments than just two? Thankfully we've got you covered for that too, with our clay ‘refill’ packs that allow you to create two more ornaments using the materials from the original kit.

We hope you enjoy creating your little baby's precious handprint or footprint ornaments or gifting it to a new parent this holiday season.

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