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Nasal Aspirator

A: Many of our happy customers say it conveniently goes through the sterilization setting on their dishwashers. You can also use any microwave steamer/sterilizer that you have that you use for your baby bottles.

A: It will stay in the cylinder. It will be best to suck slowly at first and then increase gradually. A tissue or any absorbing material can be placed in the cylinder if concerned.

A; You stick the nozzle in the baby's nostril and then put the smaller part in your mouth and slowly start to suck air through it. The aspirator will use the power of suction to gently remove the boogers in your baby's nose. 

A: (customer response- on June 5, 2015) In my opinion, it is better than the <otherbrand> snot sucker. It doesn't require any filters and you can hold it at a much easier angle. My child doesn't have to be lying down to use it well. I can use it while I'm holding him in my arms and on my hip. The only difference is without filters you need to place a tissue in the bottom of the aspirator to catch any loose mucus. If you don't, it can and will go into the tube and into your mouth. But overall, I recommend this one way better then the Nosefrida. It has a soft tip and reaches further into the nasal cavity. My son does not wiggle and squirm like he did with the hard tipped nose frida.

A: (customer response - on August 25, 2016) As a previous commenter stated angle plays a big part in this. If the angle is too far it can mean mucus in your mouth. To prevent this have your child sit up while you use it instead of laying down. Doing this helps in two ways. 1) You get a gravity assist and 2) you won't get mucus in your mouth. I've been using this now for almost 2.5 years and as long as I have been doing it this way no mucus in my mouth. Nothing is ever perfect so even though it hasn't happened again I do take precautions so I don't swallow it which means not actually "inhaling" and using my tongue as a barrier. If by chance mucus does end up in my mouth Listerine goes a long way.

A: Yes

Clay Handprint and Footprint Keepsake

A: We suggest kneading the supplied clay together and inserting the entire amount into the large section of the frame and use a rolling pin or mug to GENTLY roll to desired thickness. Make sure to dry the clay for 48 hours in DIRECT SUNLIGHT before putting it together.

A; No it won't but we suggest using some baby lotion on the hand or foot before placing into the clay. Make sure to clean baby's hand and foot with warm water and soap straight away.

A: Yes it definitely is! It is completely safe and non-toxic.

A: We suggest placing both pictures on top of the small cutouts of the frame with double sided tape. This will keep it firmly placed.

A: In this case tighten the screws at the rear of the frame and make sure to use double sided sticky tape to hold everything into place.

Ink Handprint and Footprint Keepsake

A: Standard size which is 6 x 4 inches

A; If you can do a foot and hand in one go then yes you get enough in there to do about 6 applications

A: It will work very well for a 14 month old baby as the baby will have grown! As it's an ink type frame it is much easier to get a print.

A: No! This paint is 100% safe for babies

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