The Best Keepsake Gifts

April 12, 2017

The Best Keepsake Gifts

If you are looking to buy a keepsake gift for a new mother or her baby you will probably want a memorable gift that will last a long time.

Ideally, the keepsake gift will be good quality. It should also be put into good use, as you definitely do not want it sitting inside a drawer collecting dust, or even worse - regifted. You may also want something that is pleasing to look at and display in the home. And most importantly, it should withstand the test of time.

Here are some ideas for the best keepsake gifts to get you started.


May it be personalized necklaces, bracelets, lockets, or rings, jewelry is another popular keepsake gift as they tend to be made of precious metal and stones which can increase in value over time. Jewelry can be customized to include the baby’s name, birthdate, or other special details. Lockets can also include baby photos, so that mothers can always keep their babies close to their heart! Not only is jewelry a great monetary investment, a great piece of jewelry can also become a favorite piece of someone’s wardrobe.

Designer Pen and Planner

Ideal for keeping up with to-do lists, grocery lists, or simply keeping up with the demands of being a new mother, nothing says class like having a great designer pen tucked into your purse along with a planner to stay on track. Usually made out of precious metals like gold, some of these expensive pens may also be adorned with diamonds. Bullet journals and weekly planners are great for keeping new moms organized.

Personalized Mug or Tumbler

A coffee cup or tumbler featuring the baby is a great gift for new parents, especially those who need to return to work shortly after their baby is born. There are plenty of online outfitters to help you customize a special mug. Some ideas include a mug featuring a photo of the baby, the baby’s birthdate, the baby’s name, or a special quote.

Stuffed Toy

Babies will always appreciate good stuffed toy. A stuffed toy can be a reminder for a significant day or serve as a childhood best friend. You can also go through the experience of customizing your very own stuffed toy to make the gift more memorable.


Frames can help a photograph stand out, whether you are putting it on a dresser or hanging it on the wall, a frame will draw attention to the picture and help you highlight your baby’s best memories. You can also have frames customized to include names, special dates, or meaningful quotes.


For new parents there are few occasions more memorable than their baby’s first Christmas! Consider ordering a customized ornament with the baby’s name, birthdate, photo, or  message celebrating the baby’s first Christmas! The ornament will certainly be used for years to come and serve as a fun reminder of warm memories from a child’s first Christmas.

Customized Baby Block

Another great keepsake gift idea is a customized baby block featuring an outline of the baby’s footprint, birthday, parent’s names, initials, birthday, weight at birth, or any other information you would like to include! A special baby block would make a great addition to a baby’s toy collection, and will surely be treasured by the parents for years to come.


Baby Milestone Books

New mothers love keeping track of their baby’s special milestones and recording them to look back on as the baby grows. Several baby milestone books can be found in the parenting section of most bookstores or even here on BubziCo - and it's free! Just click on the button on the bottom of the main page!

They make for a fun way to record special moments that may fade from mothers’ memories as time goes on.

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