Should You Use a Nasal Aspirator?

April 14, 2017

Should You Use a Nasal Aspirator?

All new mothers want to ensure their baby is comfortable and in good health. Newborns are delicate and their immune systems continue to develop as they grow. They are more prone to congestion, and the lack of ability to clear their nasal passages themselves leaves them especially susceptible to discomfort. No parent wants to see their baby in distress or struggling to breathe!

The hospital will try its best to prepare new mothers for the unexpected challenges of caring for newborns and may even include a rubber bulb syringe in newborn kits. While these syringes usually get the job done, newer, more effective products have been developed to remove mucus from stuffy little noses.

Nasal aspirators are a comfortable alternative to traditional bulb syringes and are another common tool many parents use to make life easier for their little one. A nasal aspirator is a device that clears congestion by being inserted directly through a baby’s nostrils. Nasal aspirators clear the baby’s nostrils, thus making it easier to breathe. A wide variety of nasal aspirators are on the market and some are far more effective than others. Parents should familiarize themselves with different models available and determine which ones are appropriate given their child’s age and health.

Some advocate that saline alone can decongest a baby, and many aspirator manufacturers recommend the use of an aspirator saline before using any kind of aspirator product. Saline works to loosen up mucus, though parents should remember to wait a few minutes to let the saline take effect before immediately switching to an aspirator.

It is also crucial that parents remember not to use more than a few drops, which could otherwise lead to nasal dripping and an uncomfortable sensation for the baby. Parents must remember that any aspirator they choose must properly fit their baby’s nose. Not only does this ensure that the aspirator is safe, but it also increases the device’s effectiveness. If using an aspirator that relies upon a parent suctioning, parents should be sure to use the appropriate filter so they do not contaminate the device and become sick themselves.

A nasal aspirator is a critical tool for new parents. It clears nasal passages, and allows babies to sleep, breathe, and eat comfortably despite having a cold or struggling with allergies. Clear nasal passages also make eating more comfortable for babies and prevent frequent stopping for air due to congestion. While having the right aspirator makes a huge difference for new parents, they should only resort to using an aspirator if saline alone proves to be ineffective. Decongested babies sleep longer, eat better, and enjoy more play time, which makes for happy parents as well!

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