Only the Essentials: 5 Things Every Nursery Should Have

Only the Essentials: 5 Things Every Nursery Should Have

When it comes to preparing for your newborn’s arrival, planning the nursery is usually at the top of every new mom’s list. But with all of the decor ideas out there, it can end up being an overwhelming task! Any baby store you go into will have so many cute items from pillows and blankets to paintings and knick-knacks. When you really think about it though, your baby only needs a few essentials to get you through the first year or so. So to help you narrow it down to the basics, we’ve made a list of the top 5 things every nursery needs.

1. A place for your baby to sleep

Let’s just say this is probably the top essential for any nursery. Your baby will most definitely need a place to sleep, whether you choose to go with a bassinette or a convertible crib. Ultimately it will come down to space and which one makes the most sense for your nursery. You’ll also need a mattress, sheets, a mattress protector and a sleep sack or a swaddle cloth for when it gets cold. It doesn’t hurt to get some super cute sheets like Bubzi Co.'s organic cotton crib sheets. These sheets are a great addition to any nursery with their cute patterns and colors.

2. A place to change your baby

Dirty diapers are inevitable, which means that you’ll definitely need a place to change your baby in the nursery. A changing table helps keep baby safe while you change their diaper and can also hold some of the diaper changing essentials like diapers, wipes and diaper cream. Make sure you also get a portable changing pad, like Bubzi Co.'s clutch changing mat, for diaper changes on the go.

3. A place to store everything

They may be small, but babies come with a lot of stuff! You’ll definitely want a place to put everything – you may even want separate units for each (i.e. one to store clothes, one for toys etc.). Usually a dresser, some storage bins and a bookshelf will do the trick. If baby’s nursery has its own closet, consider organizing it using cute baskets like Bubzi Co.'s nursery storage baskets. Use them for baby’s clothes, toys and shoes – they fit right on your closet shelf!

4. A place to feed the baby

It’s true that baby can really be fed anywhere but it’s a good idea to have a dedicated space within the nursery for feeding. As baby gets older (and more easily distracted), a quiet, distraction-free place to feed is essential. You’ll want to get a comfy chair, either a rocker or a glider, and a nightlight, like Bubzi Co.'s soothing owl with night stars projector, for those late night feeds.

5. Something to help you keep an eye on baby

You’ll definitely want to invest in a good baby monitor to help you keep an eye on your little one while they sleep. Choose one that meets your budget while also meeting your needs. Some come with a large screen, others can be used with your smartphone etc. It all depends on what works best for you. Bubzi Co.'s night vision baby monitor has a bright 2.4 inch color screen and a talk back feature that allows you to talk to your baby or hear them without having to go back into their room.

With all of the baby products out there, there’s only a few nursery essentials that you really need to help you through the first few months. Sticking to the basics doesn’t mean you have to have a boring nursery either – you can definitely create a cute nursery with simple décor.  And remember you’ll most likely add things as your newborn gets older, so getting just the basics is a good place to start!

Only the Essentials: 5 Things Every Nursery Should Have


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