New Mom's Guide: How to Choose a Baby Monitor

New Mom's Guide: How to Choose a Baby Monitor

As a new mom a baby monitor is most likely going to be part of your must-have baby essentials. Forget those days where you’re constantly peeking into their nursery to check if they’re sleeping soundly and safely. A baby monitor uses a camera to watch over the crib, and in that way you can carry on with your mommy duties no matter where you are while you carry a handheld device. There are even monitors that track sleep or breathing either with a clip or a sock. Pretty cool, right? There are basically three types of baby monitors to choose from: audio, video, and sensor/movement monitors. Read on to find out how they differ so you can decide what’s best for you.

1. Audio Monitors

Audio monitors are probably the most inexpensive and cost-effective option. You’ll know when your baby is awake or crying without having to over-monitor. 3 to 10 feet away is a good placement from your baby’s crib.

Things to Consider

  • One of the most important things to look into when choosing an audio monitor is the sound quality. Make sure it’s clear, easy to hear and allows you to adjust the volume. This is especially important if you happen to fall asleep.
  • Make sure it covers a good range inside your home.
  • Look for a device that filters out any background noise so while your baby is quiet, the monitor is quiet, and when your baby cries, the monitor turns on right away.

2. Video/Visual Monitors

They are great because it allows you to see why your baby is crying. This way you can decipher if you need to get out of the bed or if baby will just fall back asleep. There are typically two types you can choose from: Dedicated Video which is like a mini TV or Wi-Fi.

Things to Consider

  • A clear image is more important than having a large display monitor.
  • If you think you’ll have more kids in the future having the option to add an extra camera should be taken into consideration. This way it allows you to monitor multiple baby rooms or more angles if you have a big bedroom.  

The Night Vision Baby Monitor gives you peace of mind whenever you are physically away from your baby. Never wonder again if the baby is feeling cold at night or is crying for milk. The Night Vision Baby Monitor will provide you with all these details and more!

  • Colored camera - It boasts of a 2.4 inch color security camera for better visual monitoring.
  • Long range - It covers a transmission range of up to 160ft/50m indoor, 850ft/260m outdoor.
  • Talk-back feature - You can talk to your baby or hear them without going back in their room to check on them.
  • Helps baby sleep - It has 8 built-in lullabies you can play to comfort baby or put them to sleep.
  • Good battery life - Its battery life can last up to 24 hours.
  • Night Vision - It has automatic night vision that allows you to keep an eye on the baby all night.
  • Temperature monitoring - It has temperature sensors that help you monitor room temperature to ensure baby's comfort.
  • Multilingual - It supports 8 languages: English / French / Spanish / Portuguese / Italian / German / Turkey / Russian.

3. Sensor/Movement Monitors

Sensor monitors keep track of your baby’s movement, pulse and heart rate – and alert you if your baby stops moving or breathing which gives new moms the peace of mind that your baby is okay.

Things to Consider

  • If you’re looking for a portable movement monitor, the diaper clip and pulse oximetry options may be prudent. They stay with your baby so you can monitor them wherever they are.
  • If your baby sleeps in a crib the sensors pads or smart video monitors is probably a better option.

Choosing The Right Baby Monitor For New Moms

When shopping for a monitoring system consider the size of your home and overall lifestyle.

If you live in a small condo getting a long range monitor won’t mean much to you. If you live close to a busy street having a monitor that screens out background noise will most likely be important to you. Bottom line; consider what will make parenting as a new mom easier for you so you have the peace of mind that your baby is safe when they are not with you.

New Mom's Guide: How to Choose a Baby Monitor


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