Meditation and Mindfulness in Pregnancy: 5 Ways It Can Benefit You and Your Baby

Meditation and Mindfulness in Pregnancy: 5 Ways It Can Benefit You and Your Baby

There’s no doubt pregnancy can bring on a lot of feelings for new moms – excitement, happiness, nervousness and stress to name a few. And with all of that your mind is probably going a mile a minute with questions, plans and lists to get ready for baby’s arrival. Finding a sense of calm and positivity can sometimes be difficult. Practicing mindfulness through meditation and other relaxation techniques can help to keep your stress levels down and your spirits up – leading to a healthier pregnancy overall. Read on to discover the 5 key benefits to practicing mindfulness during pregnancy.

1. Helps to Reduce Anxiety, Worry and Depression

An anxious mind during pregnancy can impact your ability to make good choices, especially when it comes to healthy food and exercise. Practicing mindfulness can help reduce pregnancy related anxiety, worry and depression by making you feel more calm, helping you sleep better and helping you feel more connected to your baby.

2. Reduces Stress

Pregnancy can lead to all kinds of stress and anxiety. There are many questions and concerns when it comes to the pregnancy itself, labor and delivery, and caring for a newborn. Practicing mindfulness for just a few minutes each day can help to lower stress and improve your overall mood. It helps remind new moms to stop and breathe so that they become more aware of their bodies and minds.

3. Helps Prevent Preterm Delivery

Many women worry about preterm delivery as it can bring about many risks for the baby including breathing problems, vision and hearing issues, and developmental delays. Women with higher rates of anxiety, stress and depression are at a higher risk of delivering a preterm baby. Mindfulness can help by lowering stress, depression and anxiety levels, all of which lead to a reduced risk of pre-term contractions, early delivery and low birthweight.

4. Reduces Pain During Pregnancy and Labor

    Women who are more in tune with their bodies through mindfulness experience lower levels of pain, stress and anxiety throughout their pregnancy all the way through to labor and delivery.

    5. Strengthens Your Bond with Baby

      Practicing mindfulness allows you to truly be in the moment so that you can experience all the joy and excitement that comes with pregnancy and beyond. It allows you to become more aware of your bond with baby.

      How to Use Meditation During Pregnancy

      To start, find a comfortable space in your home. Try to find a space that is free from any distractions (phone, TV, computer etc.) and is as quiet as possible.

      The position you choose to meditate in will depend on where you’re at in your pregnancy as well as your comfort level. You may find it’s more comfortable to lie down or sit in a chair for support. Whatever position you choose, just make sure that your spine and head are straight. You can also place a pillow under your lower back for more support.

      Next, just breathe. This might seem simple and obvious, but meditation and mindfulness are all about finding your breath and learning how to focus on it. To warm up, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Once you feel more relaxed, slowly breathe in and out through your nose while focusing on the movement of your belly as you inhale and exhale. If keeping your eyes closed is difficult, keep them open and focus your gaze on a specific photo or object.  Bubzi Co.’s Handprint and Footprint Frame is the perfect keepsake to focus on – an impression of your little one’s hands and feet along with their photo is bound to help you relax and keep you in the moment.

      Mindfulness relaxation techniques aren’t just for pregnancy and labor. They should become a part of your daily life after you give birth. That’s because mindfulness can also help with the everyday stresses of becoming a new mom – from endless diaper changes to late night feedings and your crying newborn. It can help you handle stress better and become more resilient. Mindfulness is really about being present with yourself, your partner and your new baby. You’ll discover moments of joy and peace while truly appreciating the wonder that is pregnancy, childbirth and parenting.   

      Meditation and Mindfulness in Pregnancy: 5 Ways It Can Benefit You and Your Baby

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