Get Inspired By These Baby Footprint Tattoo Ideas

Get Inspired By These Baby Footprint Tattoo Ideas

Many people love the idea of using the image of their baby’s footprint to remember and memorialize the birth of their child. Many other people love tattoos to celebrate important parts of their lives. So what happens when the two trends join forces? Baby footprint tattoos!

We’ve put together a list of the 10 best baby footprint tattoos to help inspire you when you go to get your own baby footprint ink.

This way you can create an unforgettable memory on your body from the footprint you have created before with an hand- and footprint kit, like the ones we offer here.


The Classic- Name, DoB, Footprints

The most basic and perhaps most classic form of the baby footprint tattoo is that of the baby’s footprints with their name and date of birth around it. This look says that you will always remember your child without being too overly elaborate.


Walking Tattoo

Another common theme that parents have had is to use their baby’s footprints in tattoos that represent walking or movement.

This is done using repeated inkings of your baby’s footprint in a line to look like footsteps in the sand. This is another classic baby footprint tattoo look that many parents favor.


Foot on Feet

One fun thing to do with baby footprint tattoos is to place them on your own feet. Doing so makes a powerful message about the generational link that you will always share with your child.


Baby Growing

Although baby footprint tattoos are meant to memorialize the birth of your child, some parents like to make increasingly bigger footprints to show the growth of their child, as well as their ever growing love of their child.


Palm Plus Footprint

While baby footprints are the standard norm, you can also get baby handprints. Combining these two elements in one tattoo is a great way to demonstrate your love for your child, and to always remember them when they were at their youngest.


Footprint plus Poem

Combining poems with baby footprints is an old tradition, but putting these elements into a tattoo is a fresh new spin on it. This is a great way to show everyone and remind yourself exactly how you felt when your child was born.


One for Each Child

Another thing that some tattoo enthusiast parents have taken to is to get alternating left-right footprints for each of their children. This creates a lovely visual display of your growing family and also symbolizes marching forward.


Color Coding

While it may be standard to use black ink to take your baby’s footprint, that doesn’t mean that you have to limit yourself when it comes to tattoos. You can have different children’s footprints in different colors, or use different colors to show their footprint at different ages. This color coding not only celebrates your child but also makes the tattoo more attractive.


Butterfly Footprints

Sometimes parents want to be creative, and that’s understandable. That’s why some parents have taken to using their baby’s footprints to design other objects. One favorite is to use the footprints to make butterfly wings, a potent message given the growth and change your child will experience.



If you don’t want to be creative, or don’t feel confident in your ability to design, putting baby’s footprints inside a heart is a classic baby footprint art option that works great for tattoos!


Footprints on the Ankle

The ankle has long been a popular place for people to discreetly decorate their skin, and baby footprints are no different. The footprints can be arranged in a number of stylistic ways to help you never forget your child.


As you can see, there are a number of great baby footprint tattoo ideas. Don’t be afraid to get creative, and, if you’re happy with what you come up with, make sure to share! Let us know in the comments!