10 Ways to Decorate the Nursery on a Serious Budget

10 Ways to Decorate the Nursery on a Serious Budget

As a new mom the thought of having a beautiful nursery can be exciting. Naturally you’ll want what’s best for you and your baby but those dreamy visions don’t have to be expensive.

By properly planning ahead of time and with a little creativity you’ll have a nursery you’ll be proud of and stay on budget at the same time.

1. Explore nursery rooms for inspiration.

Pinterest is the perfect place for all your baby room inspirations. There are tons of ideas starting with color schemes (neutral happens to be #1 on Pinterest) or themes like Woodland, Scandinavian, Nautical and so much more. Bubzi Co’s nursery theme ideas like Monochrome, Woodland, Pink and Grey help you to start with the must-have essentials and then add to them as you get closer to your delivery date.

2. Planning ahead of time.

Give yourself as much time as you can so you’re not scrambling the last few weeks of your pregnancy when you’re most likely going to have less energy. This also allows you to take advantage of any sales.

3. Make a shopping list.

Make a list of what you really need for your baby nursery.

4. Think twice about a changing table.

This is the part where you can save money. Plus if you live in a small apartment you may not have the luxury of adding another piece of furniture. Think of adding a changing pad on a dresser you may already have.

5. Buy a convertible crib.

Buying a crib that transforms into a toddler and then to a full-size bed is so worth the investment. Some manufacturers include all the necessary hardware and accessories necessary for conversion. If they don’t include them make sure to buy the extra parts right away since they may not be available in the future.

6. Think complement color, not matchy matchy.

Don’t think that everything has to match perfectly. A dresser that matches the baby crib can sometimes cost two to three times more than a regular dresser from Ikea. If you stick with neutral colors that will help you stay on budget.

7. Look for deals.

Check your favorite store websites for weekly sales.

8. Look outside the nursery department

The baby department isn’t the only section in the store to buy stuff for your nursery room. In fact, you’ll most likely find a laundry basket for a lot less in the household department, wall art in the frames department, and so on.

9. Second-hand shops.

Want something different and unique? Why not check out second-hand shops. Take an old dresser, grab some sand paper, add new knobs and a fresh paint of color. Think outside of the box. You’ll save a bundle on nursery décor and end up with a personal, one-of-a-kind design.

10. Skip baby bedding.

Pricey sets may be beautiful but they will backfire on you. Did you know that crib blankets, bumpers, and pillows should absolutely be avoided and poses a risk of suffocation? According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, all baby needs is a firm, well-fitting mattress, a crib sheet. That’s it. You don’t need to get fancy.

Staying on a budget doesn’t have to mean a boring nursery. By planning early you can take advantage of deals and get tons of affordable DIY ideas on Pinterest. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can take advantage of Bubzi Co’s sales and new baby products. As a new mom take this opportunity to have fun decorating the most important room in the house into a stylish, calm haven you and your baby will be enjoying for several months or years to come.


10 Ways to Decorate the Nursery on a Serious Budget


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