Cloudy Night Soft Nursery Crib Mobile

Decorate your dream nursery with this gorgeous cloud and stars crib mobile.

Infant mobiles not only stimulates the infant's hearing and undeveloped vision, it also excites them and entices them to reach out. 

  • Easy to install - Just hang on the wall or above the crib

  • Promotes motor skill development - Infant mobiles can help develop a baby’s motor skills. When the baby becomes excited enough by a mobile, they are likely to want to follow it with their eyes and hands

  • Visual stimulation - One of the main purposes of infant mobiles is to provide the baby with visual stimulation 

  • Educational - Moms can use the mobile as an instructional device to teach the baby new words and shapes.


  • Soft cloud pillow component, choose pink or white
  • Fabric hanging gold stars and moon


  • Package Includes: 1 x Cloud and Stars Crib Mobile