Baby in Car Window Decal

Stick a friendly reminder to other drivers that you have a precious cargo in your car.

Use this cute decal to not only decorate your car but to let other drivers know you have a baby passenger. Let the Baby in Car Decal speak for you!

  • Easy to install - Attaches to most smooth surfaces but best used on window.

  • Legible - The baby in car sticker text is in big bold letters.

  • Reflective - It has been processed with a textured finish that maximizes the amount of light that reflects off the sign, when another cars headlights shine on it, the sticker will reflect back.

  • Perfect for night driving.


  • High quality - The sticker is waterproof and UV proof Features High Grade Vinyl.

  • Decal Can withstand outdoor weather.


  • Size:  4.6 x 6 inches (12 x 16 cm)

  • Material: Vinyl

  • Package Includes: 1 x Baby in Car Decal