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Bubzi Co Soothing Sleep Unicorn

Finally get the sleep you deserve with a Bubzi Co Sleep Soother.

Our best-selling all-in-one baby sleep solution - a white noise machine, lullaby music box and a starlight projector contained within a plush toy lovey.


Just remove the plastic projector from our Bubzi Co Sleep Soother’s tummy. Then, open the battery compartment with the included screwdriver, and insert the AAA batteries that were also included with your purchase.

  1. Turn on the Soother
  2. Choose the song or white noise your baby responds to
  3. Turn up/down the volume
  4. Turn on the lights if desired
  5. Fasten to the crib, stroller, car seat with the adjustable strap
  6. Watch as your baby relaxes and settles

Length: 7 inches, Height: 8.6 inches, Width: 3.5 inches.

The songs include: Minuet, Brahms Lullaby, Are You Sleeping, Baa Baa Black sheep, Home Sweet Home, American Patrol, Mary has a Little Lamb, Oh My Darling, London Bridge is Falling Down, and Hush Little Baby. It also includes a natural bird song, and a heartbeat and white noise sound to calm and settle your baby

Soft plush toy with electronic music box and light projector

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