Most Important Things to Consider for Baby Handprint Poems

March 05, 2017

baby hand and fingers in black and white

Plenty of people like to combine their baby’s handprint with poems to celebrate their child’s youngest years.

However all too often new parents become stymied at the prospect of picking out a baby handprint poem and simply go with the first result on Google out of exhaustion.

However, with a bit of planning you can be better than the other parents, more fresh and original.

Picking out a poem for your baby’s handprint is a very personal choice, so we won’t recommend those, but we will give you a list of things to consider when choosing a poem so that you can make sure you never look back and wonder what you were thinking!


Go for Timeless

One of the biggest mistakes that new parents can make is to select a poem that seems trendy or speaks to the times, however it is likely that events will cause you to change your perception of the time you’re living in.

Whether you’re putting your putting your poem on a baby handprint ornament, or another type of baby handprint keepsake, you’ll always be happy that you made a choice that reflected your feelings across time, rather than trying to make a statement.


Consider the Source

There are many great lines and pieces of poem that sound good b themselves, but come from a source that you do not want to associate with your baby’s earliest days.

There are many lists available online that have some great choices from wholesome sources. You don’t want to find out that the catchy lines about love you found online were actually scribed by Charles Manson.


DIY Baby Handprint Poems are Risky

You may be inspired, upon first seeing your bundle of joy, to write a poem of your own to commemorate the way you feel.

Be sure to be honest with yourself about the quality of such an endeavor. If you are a natural writer or struck with inspiration that you simply cannot contain, then go for it, but don’t be surprised if later on you wonder exactly what you were thinking.

You don’t want the baby handprint paint you got for a treasured memory to be reallocated to cover up a stanza that only sort of rhymes.


Goldilocks Had the Right Idea

Another challenge that parents trying to select a baby handprint poem will face is trying to determine the length. You may be tempted to go with something that is overly long because you love all of the different lines in it, but this doesn’t display well and distracts from the pure beauty of your baby’s handprint.

Making something other than your baby’s handprint the centerpiece of your baby handprint keepsake is a mistake that you will regret.

In the same way going too short creates a large field of white, or forces you to blow up your baby handprint, which ruins the point of a baby handprint. 2-3 lines is a good target for length.

Picking a poem to go with your baby handprint is always a risky proposition. However if you consider the factors above carefully and plan ahead for the moment, then you will find yourself with the best baby handprint craft out of all the new parents.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so it deserves the thought and care that it will take to get right.

Good luck picking out the baby handprint poem that works best for your growing family!

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