Creative Baby Handprint Ideas

February 24, 2017

baby handprint holding hand with parent

Baby handprint art is one of the hottest trends with new parents. However, not all baby handprint crafts are the same.

Some babies may respond better to certain crafts, and some parents may prefer certain products. To add to the confusion, there are so many creative baby handprint ideas that it is hard to know the good from the bad!

That’s why we’ve decided to step in and help with a list of the best baby handprint ideas that we can find.


Baby Handprint Ornament

Christmas is one of the most special times of the year. It is a holiday that brings family together to celebrate precious memories while creating new ones.

So why not use it as an occasion to always remember when your little ones were little. Baby handprint ornaments are increasingly popular and can be made a number of ways.

One simple method is to ink baby’s palm and press it on one, or a series of, white ornaments.

Not only is this a great idea for your own tree, but it can be used to create holiday presents that your family and loved ones will cherish forever.

There are also a number of baby handprint ornament kits that you can find online, like the one we feature here. Bubzi Co is the US #1 seller for baby foot- and handprint kits.


Baby Handprint Painting

Another popular baby handprint keepsake is the baby handprint painting. You can find baby handprint paint at many online retailers, and from there it’s simply up to you (and baby) what to do next!

Some parents have created different color handprints, scanned them, and then assembled them into a decorative art piece that they can display for years, as well as make prints for friends and family.

Still others who are even more ambitious have realized that this is an excellent way to make customized wrapping paper or wall paper perfect for baby’s room.

Baby Handprint Clay

Wrapping paper and ornaments are lovely, but some of the oldest artifacts ever found are made from fired clay, so why not preserve your little one’s handprint for posterity in the same manner?

The process is easy and fun for parents and baby, and can result in some of the most endearing pieces and memories you will create.

Some parents might opt for the classic look of a fired handprint on a flat surface, while others might prefer to be a bit bolder, giving baby a ball of clay and letting them decide what the final product will look like!

These creations can be glazed with different colors or be left as plain clay for a clean, timeless look.

One of the easiest ways to do that is with the Bubzi Co hand and footprint kit. The natural clay can be framed in white or brown and will make a unique centerpiece for your house 


High Tech Baby Handprint Crafts

Technology has come to affect every aspect of life, and preserving memories of your child’s youngest days is no different.

Some hi-tech parents have taken the classic motif of the baby handprint to a whole new place by scanning and then 3-D printing a copy of their baby’s hand.

This might be one of the most innovative baby handprint keepsake ideas that we’ve heard in a long time!

It also might be the cutting-edge in the future of baby handprint gift ideas. Only time will tell if this will become a trend and then a cultural mainstay, or remain a cute niche idea.

There are many different ideas when it comes to baby handprint ideas. You should pick the ones that work best for you, and that you think will best represent how you want to remember your child’s youngest days as you both grow older.

These ideas aren’t just for you however, any one of the baby handprint crafts in this guide would make a perfect gift for your friends and family to remember your child by.

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